Social Networks – the world of never ending change
November 16, 2011
Show me the (Social Network) Leads
November 16, 2011

I just love the new search featured on the home page for LinkedIn. Typically when you only had a few minutes to interact with your network we would advise people to do a “Home Page Scan” which was always one of our 2 minute drills. This is simply when you scan your LinkedIn Home Page to be present with your network, then like or comment on posts you found helpful or where you wanted to be present with that person and their network. Simple right?

Well LinkedIn heard our desire to have even deeper and more meaningful conversations with those in our network – quicker. If you look at the screen shot below you will notice right above your Home Page posts are some new options.

We will cover some of the new toggles in more detail in another post where you can quickly toggle between Shares, Companies, Events and all other types of posts. These are also awesome,  however we are most excited by the Search Updates area marked “New”. Notice here you can now scan by any keywords you wish through all the layers of your network,- right from your Home Page!
So take my example of “Leadership” below:
Now this will scan and return all the results for “Leadership” from all layers (again) in your Network! See below you can also select by other search filters, like level of your network, company and other criteria
All I have to say is “THANKS LINKEDIN!”.