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November 16, 2011
Social Networks – the world of never ending change
November 16, 2011

Eight Great Social Networking Considerations to Post by (Value Based Posting)

Too many times we are plagued with useless posts on our social network sites. Everyone is so busy –  so what do they really want to hear? Well, there are a few simple guidelines (much like blogging) that you will want to follow as best practices when posting. First and foremost think of the following questions before you post and your posts will rate higher in the news feeds and you will produce better results.

  1. Who are you talking to in your network?
  2. What are people interested in?
  3. What will help them (that they don’t know yet)?
  4. What will make them respond?
  5. What can show your expertise (yet not brag too much)?
  6. What is hot and related to your level of expertise (Celebrities and Politics)?
  7. What can you link to for external or internal credibility?
  8. Are you listening and thanking those who respond?

Remember once you do this for a few weeks it will be come a habit and your automatic posting practice will pay off!

There are more, however think of these first and you should be off to a great start – see you online and stay tuned for more tips!