Social Tolerance – what more can they change without asking us? By Dean R. DeLisle
November 16, 2011
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November 16, 2011

Google Plus – not Why but Why Not?

A few months back when working with our SEO team and watching the Google move to Social Networking with Google Plus a ton of people contacted us and asked – should we do this?

Well the fact of the matter is whether you work it or not, why should you not do this. Think about the SEO effect if nothing else.  As part of any SEO strategy, company or individual branding, all SEO works so hard to penetrate and climb to the top of the SEO ladder with the many keywords , common terms and even our own names. So why would you not setup a Google profile, places and everything else you can on Google as they will always index themselves higher than Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and the rest. They OWN IT!

However, we will still recommend the same thing we always do – consistency! Always make sure that your profiles match. That you show up all over the internet as the “same expert”.  Not a CPA in one profile and Lawyer in another, or a Real Estate Expert in one and Vitamin Specialist in another. Be that consistent expert to the world that the world is looking for and your company and you will get the rewards you deserve from Google and the Social Networks.

Oh one more thing, don’t forget to link all your sites together, so many people miss this with their other profiles.  Where any of these profiles mention websites, link your LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, websites and any other locations that are relevant back to your expertise!

Enjoy and see you online – Dean