5 Cool Ideas from the real Rain Man – By Michael Angelo Caruso
November 9, 2009
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November 9, 2009


At conferences and trade shows, I often share the platform with fascinating speakers. Recently, I met Mr. Kim Peek, the person who inspired the movie "Rain Man" starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Here are 5 Cool Ideas from the real Rain Man.


  1. 1. Read more and you'll remember more. Kim Peek is a savant with an amazing memory. When we met, he told me what roads lead to my house and the name of my telephone service provider. His friends call him "Kimputer" because he remembers everything he reads.


  1. 2. Even celebrities require leadership. Kim is a bona fide celebrity, but he's not a solo act. He travels with his 80-year-old father, Fran. The elder peek shaves Kim and combs his hair. Fran is the Rain Man's coach on all matters big and small.



  1. 3. Anyone can develop social skills. The Rain Man, 56, has some unusual habits. He talks too loud, he grunts and drones and he stands much closer than one is accustomed. But Kim has learned the most important social skill of all. When you meet him, he makes you feel special.


  1. 4. Everyone wants to feel important. One of Kim's patented scripts is to sidle up to a person, belly-to-belly and say, "You are an important person." People love to hear this, even from an autistic savant.


  1. 5. Life imitates art. Rain Man's co-screenwriter, Barry Morrow gave Kim his 1988 Oscar. The Peek's travel with the statue. The well-worn (and heavy!) memento is said to be the most-handled Oscar of all time, as the Peeks have met over 1,000,000 people traveling the world.



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