Creating Success for the New Year – Prepare for Your 2012 Annual Business Planning Session – By Dean R. DeLisle
November 15, 2011
Lessons on Social Network Behavior – great for kids and adults – By Dean R. DeLisle
November 15, 2011

We had the pleasure this month of speaking to a great group of Students at Crown Point High School and they responded so well that the local newspaper picked up the story (link at bottom of this page). It then struck me that adults as well as children should follow some of the same guidelines, so I thought it would be a good idea to post those quick tips here. Those of you who have been involved in our online classes know these guidelines, however in this new age of Online Social Networking, we should share them with our children. If you find this helpful pass on to your friends with kids, of course after you set the example.

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What to do, not do on social networks

Dean DeLisle's student online do's and don'ts


  • Create a complete profile
  • Talk about your skills and hobbies
  • Constantly build a career-minded network
  • Post positive pictures and content
  • Google yourself (ongoing)
  •  Look to create value online for others


  • Publish anything you would not show an employer
  • Stay connected to inappropriate friends
  • Post questionable photos of yourself or anyone else
  • Post anything false about yourself or anyone else
  • Get caught up in drama or negative dialog (no cyber-bullying)
  • Join groups that do not serve your career

Source: Dean DeLisle, founder and CEO

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