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November 9, 2009
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5 Cool Ideas for Effective Leadership – By Michael Angelo Caruso

5 Cool Ideas for Effective Leadership


1.   Everyone is a leader.


Even if you're not in a supervisory position at work, you are probably a leader at home or in a social group.


2.   More leadership is in your future.


If you've already achieved management status, you aren't likely to go back down the ladder. If you're not yet formally recognized as a leader, get ready for more responsibility. In my seminars, I remind audience members, "You're either a leader or you're about to become one."


3.   Leaders are readers.


Almost no one gets enough leadership training. Most new managers receive "on-the-job" training and spend the first part of their management career playing catch up. This isn't necessary if the manager continually receives quality leadership advice from a trusted source.


4.   The key is to have team members appreciate each other.


Too many teams suffer from office politics, personality conflicts and lack of communication. Teams tend to come together when they value individual differences rather than resent them.


5.   The best way to get promoted is to replace yourself.


Leadership succession is important for the company and for its employees. Get started cloning yourself today.