Social Networks Never Sleep
November 16, 2011
Eight Great Social Networking Considerations to Post by (Value Based Posting)
November 16, 2011

Now many of you know what we mean by “2 Old – 2 New”, because if you are a client and if you have anything to do with sales or running a business we have coached you this process as a daily ritual.

However, before we take you into “what this is”, how about “why this is”. We started this about 15 years ago with many of our small business clients. We had to find something easy to remember and something easy to do so we could create movement toward increased referrals and appointments. So we thought of the path of least resistance, especially with our busy business owners. How many touches could they squeeze in, even on their busiest day? Well the average was 4 touches – so that’s how we came up with the 2 + 2 or 2 Old – 2 New.

So what is it? Well it’s simple and now even easier in LinkedIn. We simply want you to go to your “Contacts” menu option and scroll through you connections. Then select the 2 oldest connections that you have not had conversation with in quite some time. Now remember, like most, you probably have been adding many connections, from meetings, school, previous employment and other corners of your life. So we want you to find the 2 oldest and reach out for a meaningful conversation, to catch up, to be present.

Now for the 2 new, you simply scan your connections and look for the 2 newest connections that you have not followed up with. From recent networking events, business meetings, colleagues or anyone of your connections. Now even if you are the best sales person in the world, you will always miss people, I promise you! So scan your connections and find those 2 that you’ve added and forgot to book the meeting or just lost steam in the effort. Then make your move to connect and have those meaningful conversations, be present and get the appointment.

Now think about simply adding just 6 new connections a week, this exercise will grow every week and it you will keep expanding your network, relationships, referrals and appointments. Then should come the sales – however, that’s for another blog.

Now my promise is that if you do this everyday, yes everyday, 2 old – 2 new, your weeks will be filled with referrals and appointments. Try it, take the 30 day challenge and tell us your stories. It hasn’t missed yet!