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salesA simple word that is very complex.  Companies are measured everyday by sales. What am I doing to increase it? Why is it dropping? What can I do to fix it? Why can’t we get more sales with our current plan of attack?  These are just some of the questions that are asked by the minute in most companies or by individuals.

Forward Progress has a plan to achieve maximum sales at every level.  If it’s at the company level or individual level we have a plan that works. “The Rapid Launch Plan” is a proven plan that attacks the question, Sales – how do I get more?

Forward Progress will provide a comprehensive plan that looks at the whole organization, not just sales. Sales 2.0 is about sales people using Web 2.0 tools and social media to sell more effectively – PERIOD.  Sales aresales driven by an organization’s message to the targeted audience, systems in place to achieve the results, vision of the achieved result, and clear measurement activities.  The missing ingredient to this system is one word “Accountability”.  Sales plans fail for lack of accountability.  The Rapid Launch Plan attacks the accountability model and plans for success with clear and measureable results daily.  Forward Progress only knows one direction – increase the sales plan for your company or you as the individual.  It’s your choice, wait for results that may or may not happen or call Forward Progress to secure a firm and decisive model called “The Rapid Launch Plan”. Tried and tested, look at the success stories, they are all tied to “The Plan”.

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