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Partner Corporate Services

PARTNERSHIP – a cooperative relationship between people or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving some specific goal.  Forward Progress is seeking partners that will work to achieve common goals for the business disciplines of the following market segments, individuals, small to mid size businesses, and corporate accounts.  Forward Progress seeks individuals or groups that share the common goal of “Value Based Community Building and Selling.”  Forward Progress seeks partnerships that leverage the rapidly growing power of the internet in their existing process.  The Process should be in eMail Marketing, Automated Drip Marketing, Social Media, Social Networks, SEO, SEM, Online Advertising, Webinar Production, Coaching, and Training.

Forward Progress will work with associations, membership organizations, business and charity based communities.  Forward Progress will engage in organizational partnerships where coaching end training services are offered at a discount to the group as a value-add to that organization.

Ask today how we can assist your organization or create a partnership to achieve common goals

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