Individual Coaching

We realize when you first started your business or career you were driven by a certain vision for the future. Then, along the way, you became lost, stuck, or you found yourself doing tasks that are not serving the business or yourself. We recognize that is very human and very common in entrepreneurs and professionals. We get busy with work and life and forget our original purpose for our efforts. At Forward Progress, we use a unique and proven method to get you back on track, renew your vision, and set a plan to achieve it while maintaining a healthy balance of life and work.

 Forward Progress coaching uses a proven methodology to guide individuals in applying their skills to achieve pre-defined business and personal results. Under the coaching model, Forward Progress acts strictly as a guide. The individual produces all of the work required which will allow for higher retention of best practices. Forward Progress has coaching programs that support you in the areas of Business Growth, Product and Service Launch, Social Networks, Marketing, Online Compliance, Sales, and You.

So whether you need to get yourself, business, new product, or service off the ground, we are there to help, and we invite you to fill out the form on this page to get a complimentary session with one of our skilled coaches.

Our Coaching Process

Business – Executive Coaching

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Balance
  • Determine Goals & Outcomes
Establish Commitment Level
  • Create a Coaching Plan
  • Measure
  • Adjust
  • Progress
  • Achieve

Coaching Methods Supported

  • Goal Setting – Progress Power Plan
  • Social Network Science
  • Time Mastery
  • Nero-Associative Conditioning
  • Opportunistic Positioning
  • Balance Wheel
  • Law of Attraction
  • Power Questions
  • Bloom Taxonomy(WABC)
  • Pain/Pleasure Breakdown
  • Self-Management(WABC)
  • Storyboarding(WABC)
  • Metacommunication(WABC)
  • Truthtalk Tracking
  • Career Projection
  • DISC
  • Profile International 360

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