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Corporate Training

Our experience at Forward Progress speaks for itself when it comes to corporate training programs. We are truly in partnership with our corporate clients to help support the needs of their team, blend with current training programs, and work with Human Resources and Branding to make sure our training feels like their own.  We will take our curriculum and “Co-brand” with your organization. We will also work with your management team and internal training departments to make sure they are empowered to reinforce what your team learns. Since we are passionate about results, we will map our training programs so they are in alignment with the results you need to achieve. Put these areas together, and you will have the most successful training program that generates new business.

We offer a wide range of compliance friendly training packages which focus on brand awareness, lead generation, conversion, and social responsibility, all using the power of the Internet.   In our Social Network Training, we exclusively build tactics from studies of Social Network Science as well as core competencies of social and emotional intelligence. There are integrated packages that will help your organization fast track in the segments of Social Networks, Social Media, Blogging, eMail, Webinars, Video, Internet Lead Conversion, Online Compliance, Websites that sell, and other areas. There are also classes available for building the perfect campaign. Whether it’s off-line, online, or integrated, your team will get the training they need to build, execute, and repeat their success with our proven and compliance friendly “Rapid Launch Plan.” Once you generate leads, your team will need instruction on management and conversion. We have some of the best structured training programs for your organization to learn how to take this new style of business and use the very best conversion techniques to close that business in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We invite you to sample one of our complimentary classes to see for yourself, then talk to our team to discuss which of our programs might best fit your organization.

Social Network Acceleration Program

“ Social Networks – The Most Effective Way to Get New Sales”

Social Network Sales Acceleration Coaching Tracks

General Training
  • Relationship Marketing 101
  • The Basics of Social Networks
  • What is the Right Site for me to use to Increase Business
  • Building a Successful Social Network
  • How to Use Your Articles to Increase Leads
  • Proper eMail Usage with Your Social Networks
  • How to Fill Events with Your Social Networks
  • CRM and Social Networks – Next Generation
  • Time Management for Social Networks (20 Min-a-Day)
  • Leveraging Video with Your Social Networks
  • Social Networks and Email Handling
  • Social Network and Event Management
  • Build and Manage Your Business on the Internet with the  “Rapid Launch Plan”
  • Facebook Profile Building and Optimized Settings
  • Facebook Power Network Building
  • Facebook Appointment Setting Techniques
  • Facebook Group Diving and Marketplace
  • Facebook Advanced Techniques
  • Facebook Support Team Scouting
  • Facebook Business Page Setup
  • Facebook Business Page Traffic Acceleration
  • Facebook Personal Development
  • Facebook Direct Sales
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Business Building
  • LinkedIn Profile Building and Optimized Settings
  • LinkedIn Power Network Building
  • LinkedIn Appointment Setting Techniques
  • LinkedIn Group Diving and Expert Answers
  • LinkedIn Advanced Techniques
  • LinkedIn Support Team Scouting
  • LinkedIn Sales Basic Track
  • LinkedIn Building a Community
  • LinkedIn Recruiting
  • LinkedIn Social Selling
  • Twitter Basics and Advanced
  • Blogging Basics (WordPress)
  • Blogging Advanced I (WordPress)
  • Blogging Advanced II (WordPress)