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Corporate Services

Ask yourself this question – Does my business operate with a purpose?  If so, what is that purpose?  Does that purpose fit with my personal goals or my company’s goals?

Forward Progress is a company built to assist in defining goals that lead to a greater purpose.  Forward Progress completes this purpose identification with the use of a tried and tested process called the “Rapid Launch Plan.” The “Rapid Launch Plan” will define Goals and Objectives, Identify Trusted Agents, Confirm the Target Audience, Define the Inventory or Resources available, Build the Platforms and Web Services, Develop the Launch Plan, Optimize for your Team, Execute, and Create RESULTS.  This plan can be used to launch a new product, new service, new organization, or re-launch an existing organization.  This plan will identify the key components needed to capitalize on business opportunities missed daily.

This plan coupled with Key Executive Coaching to selected individuals, training to a large selected organization, and identification of how social media is used in your organization will lead to successful results.

brett-farmiloe-speaking-to-the-publicToday, large companies need social media and the use of Social Networking more than ever.  Social Media with the tactical use of  Social Network Science is more than just using LinkedIn or Facebook to create business.  It is the power of your organization working together to send a collective message that transcends the industry, create a consistent message throughout all advertising, and properly target the clients you prefer to do business with in this changing environment.  Done properly, it will create more leads, more appointments, and more profit. We provide on-line compliance procedures for the regulatory group of the company.

Whether it’s consulting, coaching, or training, we can support you to get it done. Our proven methodology will identify the key components needed to capitalize on business opportunities previously reserved for big business with big budgets.


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