Talking to your blog – hits a nerve – by Dean R. DeLisle

Unfortunately about five weeks ago I encountered a pinched nerve injury. This made it extremely difficult for me to do the excessive amount of typing and online communication that I typically do. With that being said I recently reengaged myself with Naturally Speaking software by Dragon for my blogs.

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Social Network Team Rotation – Variety is the Spice of Social Networks – by Dean R. DeLisle

One thing we like to see with our client’s posting on Social Networks is variety, not just in topic but in people. We know that most of you have it down to mix your posts with topics and some of you even have the themes down. Themes are a creative mix or wave of topics, now how about the people?

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Social Networks Never Sleep – by Dean R. DeLisle

One of my favorite things about Social Networks, especially LinkedIn is that they never sleep! So when we are working with Sales People they are so conditioned to blocking their Dials and connection time during prime business hours so they can catch their prospects picking up the phone.

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2 Old – 2 New – Never 2 Tough with LinkedIn – by Dean R. DeLisle

Now many of you know what we mean by “2 Old – 2 New”, because if you are a client and if you have anything to do with sales or running a business we have coached you this process as a daily ritual.

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Eight Great Social Networking Considerations to Post by (Value Based Posting) – by Dean DeLisle

Too many times we are plagued with useless posts on our social network sites. Everyone is so busy – so what do they really want to hear? Well, there are a few simple guidelines (much like blogging) that you will want to follow as best practices when posting. First and foremost think of the following questions before you post and your posts will rate higher in the news feeds and you will produce better results.

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Social Networks – the world of never ending change – By Dean DeLisle

The world of Social Networking brings us the era of never ending change and we at Forward Progress don’t see it ending any time soon. This brave new world surprises even our team and we have over 35 people monitoring this space. With over 30 years now of implementing technology systems, I really never thought I would see the day when systems could, would or should change randomly without notice.

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Hot new feature in LinkedIn saves mega time to find “Ultimate Network Opportunity” By Dean R. DeLisle

I just love the new search featured on the home page for LinkedIn. Typically when you only had a few minutes to interact with your network we would advise people to do a “Home Page Scan” which was always one of our 2 minute drills. This is simply when you scan your LinkedIn Home Page to be present with your network, then like or comment on posts you found helpful or where you wanted to be present with that person and their network. Simple right?

Well LinkedIn heard our desire to have even deeper and more meaningful conversations with those in our network – quicker. If you look at the screen shot below you will notice right above your Home Page posts are some new options.

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Show me the (Social Network) Leads

By Dean DeLisle When we talk with our clients, it’s evident who’s doing the right things. As we move into the New Year, the whole business community has learned how to transition themselves into the brave new – social network – world. However, the question we always […]

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Article Marketing – selling without selling

By Michael Angelo Caruso Here’s a great way to sell without seeming like a salesperson.  It’s called “article marketing.” The first syllable of “article” is “art” and there is an art to creating useful content.  Article marketing is certainly more time consuming than posting a status update […]

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LinkedIn to Your Image and Beyond!

By Dean DeLisle As I was coaching some students this week on their profile, I thought it would be worthy to share this with the rest of you. We were working on our profiles for LinkedIn, and in 100% of all instances, I convinced the students to […]

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