Advanced Targeting







URL Targeting

Imagine being able to target your ideal prospects who are surfing the most popular websites in your industry. We build your ideal prospects list using URL-specific, laser-focused targeting.  We also continue building your list with active buyers.


Identifying User Intent

Gain the ability to harvest your ideal prospects at the very moment they are searching.  For example, we can provide car dealerships with the ability to targeting buyers while searching for a car on


Targeting Prospects

Now that we’re building your growing list of ideal prospects, we next begin showing your banner ads across all partnering web pages, across more than 80% of the internet.  Retargeting = High ROI.


Cost Savings

You can typically expect to enjoy a cost-per-click savings of up to 50% vs. what you are paying with Adwords right now.  We provide monthly analytics reports showing you important campaign metrics.

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Get in front of your ideal prospects for less money!

Why work with us?

Our team is made up of leading business professionals with a wealth of experience in expertly marketing businesses just like yours online.  Having serviced world-class organizations including United Insurance, University of Illinois, and others, we have the skills to help grow your business.

Competitive Advantage

Our system provides you with a totally unfair advantage over your competition.  While they are building their retargeting list one expensive click at a time, we are able to cookie your ideal prospects exponentially faster, and do so on all the industry-leading bu sites, not just on web pages you own.  This is a true game-changer on the digital advertising playing field.


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Get in front of your ideal prospects for less money!

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