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Success Stories

The Private Bank

Objective:  Client wanted to build trust and connect with their target client on the commercial banking side. This would allow them to generate prospects and also build a business community around their great banking advisory services.

Solution:  Forward Progress created value add webinars for their client and prospects. These were well attended with over 125 participants in the first class. Forward Progress also invested in their Relationship Management Team to build and network with their LinkedIn accounts.

Bridgeview Bank

Objective:  Client wanted to take existing database of prospects and clients and build an online community and strategically create an expansive network with their Mortgage Bankers and Loan Originators in concert with the company pages. Also, create a compliant friendly social media environment.

Solution:  Forward Progress built social media sites, blog sites and landing pages to strategically attract the network connected to their current connection. They have created a combined increase of social network reach of over 65 million. This was great to see how using the Social Media marketing services from forward progress for content creation and the effective distribution services, allowed Bridgeview to successfully have a platform for sending out any promotions and announcements. Truly building an online community. Also, to protect the bank, forward progress worked with compliance to create a social media policy and also activate the Forward Progress Watchdog service to check all LO’s being hired and also watch their activity ongoing to protect both the bank and the employees. There was also extensive training offered to all employees so that they could use the internet and social networks responsibly.

WABC – Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

Objective:  Provide value to the membership and attract new members.

Solution:  Forward Progress holds quarterly webinars and offers online education to the membership as well as all prospects to show the value of WABC to retain current members and attract new members. This has been successful with attendance of over 500 participants in 2013. Classes offered were on blogging, Twitter, Linkedin, email marketing, business development and websites efficiency.

Rudich Law

Objective:  Create a newly branded web presence, attract referrals and new clients

Solution:  Built a newly branded website presence and social media accounts. Then created monthly content to post and distribute to grow social reach. Then activated a success pay per click campaign to generate leads on the web and on the phone. Forward Progress generated an average of 20 new client prospect leads per month and continued to lower the cost of each lead.

Aide Rental and Sales

Objective:  Create an online community and generate new leads to the website.

Solution:  Create social media sites and daily content to inform their communities on helpful tips and new deals. Also held contests and attracted an average of 30 leads per month, a 200% increase from prior company efforts.

Chicago Association of Realtors

Objective:  Provide online education to the Chicago Realtor community to increase member value and attract new members.

Solution:  Formulated online complimentary classes attracted over 125 participants for the first class and now running monthly classes. Also offering the Social Media Mega Pack to all Realtors who are looking to have someone post and blog for them.

University of Illinois – Graduate School of Financial Engineering

Objective:  Need to generate new leads for the graduate school online.

Solution:  Create online presence with landing pages and content to attract people to register for both the lauding page and also webinars to introduce the graduate school.


Objective:  Three years prior to engaging Dean DeLisle, the Wright Leadership Institute had begun changing their business model. Rather than engaging a small number of high-dollar clients in one-on-one coaching and small groups as they did in their early incarnation, they began offering large-format public seminars gratis to introduce their philosophy and services. These weekend-long seminars were also the vehicle for selling their year-long signature program, the Year of More, which retails at $8k and is discounted to $6k only on these public weekends.

Solution:  Within sixty days of the first coaching and training sessions, the staff and student body seemed to respond very well. Being in an environment where “transformation” is enforced and practiced permitted the adoption process to accelerate. Normally, Forward Progress would be hesitant to take such a large group without a pilot program; however with early testing in the first few weeks, they knew this had increased potential.

Enrollment in the next More Life Training weekend program, which took place in the first 90 days of coaching, increased by 40%. Other amazing shifts took place along the way. The Wright staff team’s enrollment increased by100%, doubling any previous efforts.

Furthermore, students who were trained reported that the social media skills they learned for the More Life enrollment effort were impacting their sales in their own businesses-vaulting some to trusted advisor status with clients they’d courted, and boosting seasoned salespeople to as much as 180% of their goal in the first two months of the year, among other transformational results.

American Family Insurance – Business Accelerator Program

Objective: Roll out a new program into the two primary markets as a test. With a limited budget, Forward Progress was contracted to accelerate American Family’s Social Media Presence in the business community and drive registrants to the programs main conference in the primary and secondary markets.

Solution: The supporting agency was trained and coached on the Forward Progress Rapid Launch Plan. Forward Progress then built up AMFAM’s Social Media followers on Facebook to over 275% and LinkedIn membership over 2675% (all in just 5 short weeks). Forward Progress influenced or developed all online campaigns, including landing pages, emailings and Social Media. All conferences were sold out, and the program exceeded membership for two consecutive years. Forward Progress used Rapid Launch Plan, Landing Pages, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, JV Partnerships, Lead Management, and Training and Coaching.

General Growth Properties – Online Lead Generation Program

Objective: General growth – needed a way to develop online leads, handle distribution, and provide value to its mall tenants.

Solution: Forward Progress developed a campaign and system to work with existing websites and newly positioned web based kiosks to offer coupons to all shoppers, online and on premise. They generated over 700,000 leads in the first 60 days, and the program drew kept drawing leads into the millions. This program then was used for data to assist tenants to better reach their target customers. Forward Progress used Rapid Launch Plan, Landing Pages, SEO, Email Marketing, Lead Management, and Training and Coaching. – Online Lead Generation and Distribution

Objective: Take the rapidly growing condo market and leverage rapid lead generation, setup management, and setup distribution of all leads to agents. They also had a demand for mortgage partners to share in leads.

Solution: Lead volume increased to over 300 leads per day. Forward Progress then developed a web-based lead distribution system for agents and partners to receive leads based on specific criteria. Forward Progress used Rapid Launch Plan, Landing Pages, Website Modifications, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Lead Management, and Training and Coaching.

Keller Williams – Brokerage Exceeds Volume Beyond Expectations

Objective: Local Chicago brokerage needed to build business in a bad market.

Solution: Forward Progress used Rapid Launch Plan to develop an integrated strategy from their traditional marketing and combine it with new online marketing techniques. The Agents also used the power of Social Networking with the Forward Progress LinkedIn Sales Training Program. They exceeded all expectations and business goals in 2011, and are now re-engaging Forward Progress to open new offices. Forward Progress used Rapid Launch Plan, Website Modifications, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking Sales, and Training and Coaching.

American Dream – Steal-A-Condo Campaign

Objective: Roll out national program for condo markets to liquidate units of prime property using unique financing products. Two test markets were setup for Chicago and Florida, and they needed to get program released to the Real Estate Agents and consumers in each market.

Solution: Forward Progress built a large scale Rapid Launch Plan for the finance products. Landing Pages were built and campaigns released using PPC, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, and Social Networking. Training and Coaching were also used to train the sales force on the use of Social Networks.

Redbridge Development Partners, LLC – Accelerate Deal Flow

Objective: Increase commercial deal flow, and find right sized deals for investor groups.

Solution: Forward Progress trained the Redbridge team using LinkedIn Sales Acceleration Program, and Redbridge immediately increased deal flow and their pipeline by over 200% in the first 60 days. – Increase Brand, Leads and Pipeline for Auctions

Objective: Launch new brand into the market place and generate web based leads for Auction Products. Test into four primary markets.

Solution: Used Search Engine Marketing combined with new web developed platform to leverage online lead generation, and started ranking in local markets within 60 days. Forward Progress also trained the core sales team on LinkedIn Sales Acceleration to increase inbound lead generation and appointments. Within 30 days, a significant pipeline was generated.They were in over 180 Banks within 60 days, and the pipeline had over 600 million in product from LinkedIn efforts. The company also dominated the first 3 pages of LinkedIn presence for Real Estate Auctions. Forward Progress used Rapid Launch Plan, Landing Pages, Website Modifications, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, JV Partnerships, Lead Management,  and Sales Training and Coaching.