About Us

About Us

imagesThe Forward Progress Team has a proven track record in helping new or existing businesses use their best content and people to achieve the next level of online business success. For many, success comes in the way of using a campaign to launch a new product or service into their existing market place, and for others it’s penetrating a new market place. Forward Progress has extensive background in Web and Application Development, Online Advertising, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. We compliment this with an extensive training and coaching program that allows all of our clients to learn and join us as we expand their business using the Internet. When you are ready to take your business online, we are your ideal partner.

Our goal is to help our clients gain greater focus and leverage so they can work less, earn more, and enjoy richer lives. Our clients include small business owners, self-employed professionals, high-end sales and financial services professionals, and managers of businesses of all sizes. Each of our business coaches are certified in our proprietary, proven, and guaranteed coaching accountability process called, “The Rapid Launch Plan”®.

Mission Statement

Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO

Dean DeLisle
Founder and CEO

It is our sincere goal to achieve Forward Progress and business growth for our clients based on their potential and capacity. We are committed to see them through their most difficult times, and to enable them to grow themselves, their business, and achieve the highest quality of life.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is “Fix It or Flush It!”  Our business coaching and consulting services focus on helping executives make hard choices. We train them to take an honest look at business practices that appear, on the surface, to be in great shape. We help them recognize the good ones, and fix or abandon the bad ones. That means identifying hidden obstacles, the kind we all face, and then breaking emotional ties to them. The result: our customers realize success they had never believed was possible.

Our Method

Our Method is “Opportunistic Positioning.”forward progress  We use our proven method for creating business growth while maintaining a balanced work environment. This system is known as “Opportunistic Positioning”. We use this methodology to connect the right customers to your business so that you are not only profitable, but your entire company is having fun getting there. This method is what we use to create “The Buzz” about and within your business.

Whether you already have a process, system in place, or are in search of a new approach, we can adapt our methodology to help you grow your business.

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